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Music Performance Fund

Charles and Maude Phillips Family Foundation

Rogers Foundation

Nebraska Arts Council and Nebraska Cultural Endowment


Dillon Foundation


Union Bank & Trust Company

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska

Butherus, Maser & Love Funeral Home

Dietze Music

Mary F. Tous Charitable Foundation Trust

Ron and Vicki Biloff


Frank and Ann Sidles


Duteau Chevrolet-Subaru Company


Ed and Eunice Peeks Charitable Fund

Janell and Robert Dreesen

Larry and Patti Horstman

Viola Hronis

Carol Jenkins

Rhonda Seacrest


Lincoln Community Foundation

Runza Restaurants


Lincoln Arts Council


Kathy and Eric Asboe

Maurice and Martha Baker

Dr. Henry and Anne Cech

Debby Cooper

Rich Jones and Willa Foster Jones

Ron and Linda Liston

Van Mueller

Dr. James and Gail O'Hanlon

Dick Shoemaker

Jim Snyder

Donald and Linda Spilker

Becky Van de Bogart

William and Catherine Workman

Roy Yanagida


Teresa Alexander

Lee and Janet Anderbery

Bryan and Susan Block

Beth Ann Brooks

Sally Dietze

Ralph and Shirley Ebers

Ron Epp

Earl and Marilyn Erks

Gordon and Maril Freese

Tim and Jan Hardesty

MarySue Harris

Gregory and Mary C. Heidrick

Miriam Howard

Robert and Joyce Howe

Doris and Lyle Jones

Dorothy Ladman

Ray and Barb Leising

Ron Miller

Karen and David Morgan

Connie and Joseph B. Morris

Jim Murphy and Gayle Nelson Nelson

Dr. Matthew and Mary Reckmeyer

Alan and Pat Riggins

Jack L. Schinstock

Kenneth and Gidge Schmidt

Denis and Trudy Schneckloth

Dorothy and Robert Shapiro

Marvin and Joyce Thompson

Bill and Rose Marie Utley


Marvin Almy

John and Joan Anderson

Jocelyn Baade

Nita Babcock

Deon and Susan Bahr

Darrell and Clarice Bailey

Dave and Maruta Barnhouse

Jane Basoco

Carol and Robert Beach

Daryl and Doralee Bell

Ed and Joni Bennett

Mike and Kathy Berger

Maxine Bishop

Dick and Sue Boswell

Robert and Lynette Boyce

Barbara Bratt-Kennedy

Joan "Pedie" Bryant

Mary Bryant and Jeffrey Sauter

Robert and Billie Bussmann

John and Penny Cariotto

James and Susan Carraher

Bonna Casey

Dorene Casey

Bruce and Linda Chapman

Charles and Lois Chase

Paul and Marla Checketts

Paul and Kathryn Christensen

Susan Clifford

Bobby and Suzanne Clinkenbeard

John and Nancy Comer

Eugene and Beverly Cook

John S. and Carole A. Davis

Arthur and Rosemary Dobson

Thomas and Patricia Doering

Thomas and Phyllis Dumpert

Charlene and Steven Dunbar

Patrick and Candace Dussault

Bruce and Karrie Dvorak

Robert and Carlene Falos

Donald Finney

Randall and Linda Fitch

Beverly Fleming

Robert and Idonna Florell

Lloyd and Geri From

Charles Gates

Rogene Godeker-Bull and Walter Waltke

Michael P. Gonser

Richard and Ursula Goodban

David Pitts & Christine Grosh

Robert J. and Delores Haberman

Jim and Suzie Harder

Beth Hemmer

Terry and Bev Hiatt

Mike and Jane Janesch

James Johnson

Jim Johnson

Darryl and Kay Kile

Dave and Robin Kilgore

William and Nancy Krueger

Ronald and Karen Liesveld

Don and Cathy Linscott

Richard and Wilda Lyons

Michelle and Joe Loudon Manning

Jan Medcalf

Raymond and Ramona Meester

Barbara Michael

Charlotte Miller

Jerry and Marty Minchow

Chantry Nelson

Betty Nielsen

Carolyn and Duane Olsen

Mary Owens

Alma Parent

Jim and Elaine Penn

Walter Radcliffe

Reuben and Loretta Rieke

Dan and Diane Rieker

Susan and John Ringsmuth

Bill and Beth Rogge

Jerome and Sharon Rossow

Terry and Jacque Rush

Eliza Sams

Karen and Norman Schaeffer

Barb and Nolan Schmit

Susan and Lyle Schoen

Susan Seeman Pozehl

David and JoAnne Shaw

Michael and Kay Sherbeck

Phyllis Shires

Keith and Jana Spilker

Pamela Starr

Wayne and Judy Strickler

Nancy and Joel Sunderman

Roger Svatos and Kathie Johnson

Carol Thayer

Bob and Julie Timme

Errol Vanicek

Lee and Mary Volkmer

William and Naomi Wayne

Roger and Sondra Weber

Richard and Pattie West

Rusty and DiAnn White

Kathryn Wild

Linda and Wilmer Wilhelm

Jim and Marlys Williams

Matt and Karen Wills

Jane Zatechka


Wells Fargo

Shirley Baum

Dean and Karen Beck

Glenda and Dennis Boesiger

Andrew and Patricia Bohart

Jack and Sally Campbell

Jay and Liane Connelly

Emily Corkill

Wilbur and Betty Dasenbrock

Michael and Susan Ferris

Larry and Peg Fletcher

Wayne and Sally Hanway

RoJayne and Larry Harrington

Sharon Harvey

Gary and Ellen Hellerich

Loretta and Jason Hellmuth

Ron and Nona Helsing

Melinda and Lauren Holcombe

John and Susan Hoppe

Butch and Caroline Hug

Donna and Jeffrey Hunt

greg and Heidi joyce

Ann Kelley

Sylvia and Norman Kempf

Michael and Robin Keralis

John and Nancy Kopischke

Paul and Tina Madvig

Glen and Margaret Manske

Dan and Donna Marvin

Mike Murphy

Donna Neal

Greg and Linda Nelson

Lance Nielsen

Pamela and Randal Palmer

Keith and Ruth Pearson

Gerald and Lois Poppe

Dr. Jerry and Portia Reed

Ric and Cynthia Ricker

Susan Robinson

Anthony and Nancy Ross

Sharon and Keith Sawyers

Ray and Ruth Schwarz

Ted Simonson

Bob and Ann Snider

Ron and Camilla Svoboda

Craig L. and Joyce Urbauer

Orvis and Sheila Wall

Craig E. and Elizabeth Wanamaker

Sue and Kent Weishahn

Becky Wilhelm

Dale and Mary Young


Marilyn Allen

Patricia Amedeo

Dorothy C. Anderson

Dorothy Applebee

Barbara and David Arunski

Marilyn Baker

Georgean Barber

Dean and Donna Barnell

Lola Barry

Rodney and Robin Bates

Marlin and Donna Beck

Oscar Blomstedt

Mavis Brinkman

Pamella and Richard Brunke

Janice Buffum

Michael Cameron

Catherine Clifford Burke

Alfred and Janice Cochran

John and Shirley Cole

Yvonne Craghead

Tim and Joan Creger

Constance and Terrell Culwell

John and Jean Dale

Larry Dietrich

Harry and Sandra Dingman

Konnie Doescher

Terry and Judy Dougherty

Carolyn Dow

Deetta Edgar

Jason and Andrea Faas

Nancy Fendrick and Jerry Obrist

Pattie Marr Flury

Vernon Forbes

Bob and Elizabeth Fought

Ken and Mary Frank

Martin and Anne Gardner

Eugene and Barbara Giles

Nancy and Lanny Goering

Susan Goodrich

Carol Gossard

Wayne and Norma Hagaman

Ruth and Bill Hall

Paul Hartman

Dobey Haws

Gary and Judith Heaston

Harlan F. Heier

Earl and Eunice Higgins

Fred and Deedee Holbert

Millie Howe

Kenneth and Mary Ann Hultstrand

Sherry Hutchison

Jeff and Barbara Jobes

Paul and Eleanor Johnsen

Wendy and Quinten Jordan

Doris King

LeRoy and Janice Kirchhoff

Melvin Knaak

Carol Knolle-Faulkner

Bob Kuzelka

Kaye Lidolph

Twyla Lidolph

Dr. John B. and Joyce E. Loudon

Jan Malone

George and Marjorie Manglitz

Ruth B. Martin

Dorothy Matzke

Roger and Connie Meyer

Dorothy Neill

Lana Novak

George and Linda O'Boyle

Darlene Oltmans

Marilyn Paolini

Delores Partridge

Jeanine and Brian Peeks

Kathryn Phipps

Susan and R. David Pogge

Bernard and Roberta Poppe

Bruce and Ann Rauscher

Karen Ricker

Rebecca Rippe

Shirley A. Ritter

Tom and Nancy Robinson

Bonnalyn Salomons

Mary Lou Sandell

Tom and Kay Sewell

Milton Sharp

Chy Sheehan

Peggy and Glenn Shorney

Marilyn Sievers

Edward F. Siudzinski and Marjorie Kehm

Fred and Janet Smith

Gary and Judy Smith

Carol Ann Smith

Richard and Karen Sonderegger

Gayle and Mary Starr

Diana Stemper

Sonya L. Struthers

Irene Thomassen

Gretchen Treadway

Donna Trueblood

Earl and Doris Visser

Janice and Stuart Westburg

Courteney Wichman

Wayne and Debbie Wilson

Judith Yeck

Shalla Young

Bob Zetocha


Joan Allen

Bill and Shirley Armold

Mary Ann Barton

Doug and Vicky Bedell

Hannah and Kevin Madden Bell

Neal and Judy Bogle

Mark Buchholz

Jack and Shirley Cole

Chalmers Cromer

Fred and Bobbi Daugherty

Christina Emra

Helen and Fred Faust

Martha Gadberry

Colleen Geisel

Becky and Doug Grote

Norma Jean Haas

Donald G. Hanway

Rick and Linda Harral

Randy and Rebecca Heinzman

Sandy L. and Jeffrey Heuer

Darleen Hitz

Gloria Holbert

Wendy Horacek

Sandra Hovis

David Hughes

Carol Hutsell

Jeff and Patricia James

Everette and Vicki Jordan

Jim and Rose Klein

Rinehart and Alice Kruse

Andrew and Karen Kuhn

Sharon Lindgren

Martin and Ruth Massengale

Dixie Metcalf

Carol Meyer

Carrol Mickley

John and Janet Morgan

Adeline and Thomas Morrissey

Bonnie Nebelsick

Earl and Deloris Oltman

Tory O'Neal

Margaret Penney

Leigh and Vickie Porter

Donna Posvar

Don Prowant

Jody and Michael Rapp

Marge and James Reeves

Mary Ann Reeves

Wade and Patricia Remmenga

Amanda Ripley

Union Bank and Trust

Charles and Doris Robinson

Benjamin Rush

Newel and Diana Sanderson

Kathleen Schlechte

Janis Schleiger

Brendon and Missy Sibley

Gary and Sharon Smith

Jim and Suanne Stange

Alfred and Linda Stark

Linda and Stephen Statton

Nancy Sutton

Bob and Bev Taylor

Dennis Tyser

Laura Uridil

Pat Van Essen

Lyle and Joyce Vannier

Lisa Warren

Michelle Watkins

Tom and Judith Weber

Doug Weishahn

Barbara and Stephen Wells-Waltman

Lynn Willey

Philip and Karan Wittig


Frances Mary Abbott

Myrna Baade

Mary Belle Beach

Pauline Bouges

Jerry and Teresa Breazile

Janelle Byam

Kensy and Bryant Byers

Dorothy Claussen

Ben A and RoJean Clifton

Diane Conley

Gene and Louanne Cook

Beth Kimmerling Dumler

Henry and Jean Dunbar

Patricia Flodman

Karen & Margaret Rafert Fritchie

Tom Fuenning

Patti Fusselman

Donald and Leslie Gibbens

Diane Gonzolas

Marynelle Greene

Connie and Steve Voss Healey

Katheryn Horstman-Bratt

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Nancy Kennedy

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Kevin Madden

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Colleen and W. Gene Olson

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Barb Phillips

Georgia Raecke

Bob and Cathy Rauch

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John Sawyer

Marilyn Jo Schreiner

Linda and John Schulte

Jerry and Helen Sellentin

Arta Smith

Clark Splichal

Robert Tichota

Darrell Ullman

Verjean Vannier

Ron and Marg Vogt

Amanda and Jason Volz

Margaret and Richard Wall

Darwin and Nan Wassman

Nancy and Darrel Weers

Leroy and Marlene Wiekamp

Marjorie Wilson

Scott Ziegler

Steven and Wendy Zimmer