Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Sound File Help
General Information---Sound File Players

speakerEverytime you see a speaker by the title of a CD track, that means there are sound files available for that particular track. Sound Files are available in two formats, .wav and .mp3

.wav files
The .wav files on these pages are 8 bit, mono files that are sampled at 22050 Hz. The sound quality is okay, but the mp3 files sound better, and are smaller. If you don't have a .wav file player, check

.mp3 files
The .mp3 files on this page are 128 kbit, stereo files that are sampled at 44100 Hz. The sound quality is better than the .wav files, and they are smaller. If you don't have an .mp3 file player, check

.wav players
Windows: If you have Windows 95/98, this shouldn't be a problem. Media Player can play both .wav files and .mp3 files.

Macintosh: Movie Player can play wave files just fine, but I recomend the popular shareware program

.mp3 players
Windows: Media Player can play .mp3 files, but I recomend winamp

Macintosh: Movie Player can not play .mp3 files, so you will have to download a seperate player. Try MacAmp Lite