Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Press Releases

11/21/2014:  "Keyed Up" featuring Tom Larson
7/7/2014:  Monday Night Big Band, Nebraska Jazz Camp, and other jazz events this week!
7/7/2014:  Monday Night Big Band and Nebraska Jazz Camp concerts next week--join us!
5/29/2014:  The Nebraska Jazz Camp needs your help!
5/6/2014:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp!
3/18/2014:  Jazz Goes to School
2/28/2014:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra with guest artists Joey Gulizia, Doug Hinrichs, and the 2014 Young Jazz Artist March 27
2/20/2014:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces Young Jazz Artist Award Winners
1/15/2014:  Lincoln Journal Star online review of NJO's "Learning from the Master"
1/7/2014:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra with guest artist Bobby Watson Jan. 14
1/7/2014:  2014 Young Lions All-Star Band announced
1/7/2014:  Share the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra event with others
12/31/2013:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra with guest artist Bobby Watson Jan. 14
12/6/2013:  NET Radio features NJO performance on "Nebraska Concerts"
11/14/2013:  Young Lions All-Star Band application deadline is Friday November 15
11/12/2013:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra's Nov. 19 concert to feature NJO veterans
9/27/2013:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents: Live from LA
1/10/2013:  2013 Young Lions All-Star Band announced
1/7/2013:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Simmering Vocals"
12/19/2012:  Get your "High Intensity" jazz before the world ends!
12/10/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "High Intensity," December 20
12/4/2012:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp!
11/20/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "High Intensity"
11/14/2012:  Young Lions All-Star Band auditions are coming up!
11/2/2012:  Call for Auditions: Young Lions All-Star Band
9/21/2012:  Tuesday: Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Bernin' Drums!"
9/5/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Bernin' Drums"
8/27/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Bernin' Drums"
7/27/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces12-13 concert season!
7/11/2012:  NJO looking for volunteers for Nebraska Jazz Camp
7/10/2012:  Jazz concerts next week--join us!
7/9/2012:  It's not too late for Nebraska Jazz Camp!
6/28/2012:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp
5/29/2012:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp!
4/23/2012:  Give to Nebraska Jazz Orchestra on May 17 and your gift will grow!
4/9/2012:  Concert tomorrow! NJO presents "KC Swing"
4/5/2012:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp July 16 - 20
4/2/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "KC Swing"
3/22/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra on "Out and About"
3/21/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "KC Swing"
1/23/2012:  2012 Young Lions All-Star Band in concert with NJO
1/18/2012:  2012 Young Lions All-Star Band announced
1/18/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Trumpet Pyrotechniques" February 1
1/3/2012:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Trumpet Pyrotechniques"
1/3/2012:  Like the NJO? Then like us on Facebook!
12/19/2011:  "Christmas & All That Jazz" is tomorrow night!
12/16/2011:  Don't forget "Christmas & All That Jazz" on December 20th
12/13/2011:  "Christmas & All That Jazz" is December 20th
12/6/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Christmas & All That Jazz"
12/2/2011:  NJO concert to air on NET Radio December 4th
11/17/2011:  Young Lions All-Star Band auditions--share with students!
11/2/2011:  Call for Auditions: Young Lions All-Star Band
10/10/2011:  NJO with Kelley Hunt: NEW VENUE AND TIME!
10/3/2011:  NJO performing with Kelley Hunt, October 11
9/19/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra featuring Kelley Hunt, October 11, 2011
8/24/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra 2011-2012 Season is coming up!
8/17/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces 2011-2012 Season
7/29/2011:  Invite your friends to the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Facebook page!
7/14/2011:  Jazz concerts abound next week--join us!
6/3/2011:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp!
4/21/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Ace of Bass: the Music of Jaco Pastorius"
3/29/2011:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Ace of Bass: the Music of Jaco Pastorius"
3/25/2011:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp July 18-22
3/11/2011:  Count Basie Orchestra open soundcheck
2/22/2011:  Terrence Blanchard masterclass
2/17/2011:  "Live from New York," with NJO and Scott Robinson, is this Friday!
12/9/2010:  "Christmas & All That Jazz" concert next Tuesday, Dec. 14!
11/12/2010:  "Christmas & All That Jazz" with Nebraska Jazz Orchestra
10/25/2010:  NJO announces Young Lions Band Auditions
10/12/2010:  Lied Center presents Nebraska Jazz Orchestra with Wayne Bergeron this Friday!
10/7/2010:  Press Release: Free Trumpet Masterclass with Wayne Bergeron
9/29/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra season tickets 50% off for new subscribers
8/31/2010:  Join the Nebraska Brass for 2010-2011 concert season!
7/13/2010:  Jazz Camp students share their music with you!
6/11/2010:  NJO presents Nebraska Jazz Camp
5/20/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Camp on Facebook!
4/6/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces Tribute to Count Basie Concert
3/25/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces Tribute to Count Basie Concert
2/4/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 2010 Young Jazz Artist Competition Deadline Extended to February 19th
1/29/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra "Sax & the City" concert 2-5-10
1/20/2010:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra "Sax & the City" concert 2-5-10
12/22/2009:  Silent Auction Items--one more chance to bid!
12/10/2009:  NJO presents "Christmas & All that Jazz" Tuesday, December 15
11/23/2009:  NJO announces "Christmas & All that Jazz" Tuesday, December 15, 2009
11/4/2009:  NJO announces Young Lions All-Star Band auditions
10/30/2009:  NJO review Wayne Bergeron & Willie Murillo
10/23/2009:  NJO with Wayne Bergeron next Thursday!
10/9/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces "Plays Well With Others" concert Thursday, October 29, 2009
8/20/2009:  NET Radio's "Nebraska Concerts" in September Features Classical, Patriotic and Jazz Music
7/1/2009:  Register now--Deadline for Nebraska Jazz Camp is Tomorrow!
5/27/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra at Jazz In June!
4/21/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces 2009-2010 Season
4/2/2009:  NJO thanks you!
3/19/2009:  NJO Final Concert Coming up--We still need you!
3/12/2009:  The Nebraska Jazz Orchestra needs your help!
3/11/2009:  NJO Young Jazz Artist Competition
3/6/2009:  Announcing Nebraska Jazz Camp, July 20-24, 2009
2/25/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "It's Not Rocket Science . . ." Concert
2/19/2009:  NJO May 19, 2009 Concert CANCELED
1/30/2009:  Reserve your place for the Valentines Dinner & Dance
1/26/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Silent Auction on February 14
1/19/2009:  NJO Concert This Thursday
1/15/2009:  Join the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra for Learning from the Master
1/9/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces Valentines Dinner & Dance
1/9/2009:  The perfect gift: Valentines Dinner & Dance!
1/5/2009:  It's not too late: Valentines Dinner & Dance!
1/2/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces the 2009 Young Lions All Star Band
1/1/2009:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces "Learning from the Master" Concert on January 22
12/12/2008:  Celebrate at "Christmas & All That Jazz" on December 18
11/17/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces Christmas & All That Jazz concert
11/5/2008:  Join the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra this Friday
10/29/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces LA Legend Concert featuring Bill Watrous, Friday, November 7, at the Cornhusker Marriott
10/15/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces LA Legend Concert
8/26/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 2008-2009 Season
8/25/2008:  Annette Murrell Birthday Celebration!
7/23/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Camp Concerts at Nebraska Wesleyan University, July 24 and 25
6/20/2008:  Register today for the 2008 Nebraska Jazz Camp!
5/19/2008:  Register now for Nebraska Jazz Camp!
5/10/2008:  For Immediate Release - Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents "Salute to Russ Long" May 23, 2008, at Embassy Suites
4/11/2008:  2008 Nebraska Jazz Camp - July 21-25
4/9/2008:  "Tribute to Neal Hefti" Sunday, April 20, 2008 at Embassy Suites Hotel
4/8/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces "Tribute to Neal Hefti" Sunday, April 20, 2008 at Embassy Suites Hotel.
3/27/2008:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces 2008 Nebraska Jazz Camp
3/6/2008:  Randy Brecker performance at Lincoln Southeast High School
2/18/2008:  Announcing Free concert and workshop by USAF Noteables jazz ensemble, 2/19/08
2/8/2008:  It's not too late! Valentines Dinner & Dance on Thursday, February 14
2/4/2008:  The Noteables Announce Free Concert and Workshop, February 19, 2008
1/28/2008:  EXTENDED REGISTRATION: Valentines Dinner and Dance with the NJO February 14, 2008 at the Cornhusker Marriot
1/22/2008:  Valentines Dinner and Dance with the NJO February 14, 2008 at the Cornhusker Marriot
1/16/2008:  Capital Jazz Society Presents Winter Schedule
1/11/2008:  Don't forget Matt Niess concert on Wednesday!
1/4/2008:  Live Jazz on Wednesdays at Grisanti's!
1/2/2008:  Learning From the Master concert with Matt Niess, January 16, 2008
12/28/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces: LEARNING FROM THE MASTER
12/7/2007:  Christmas & All That Jazz concert from Nebraska Jazz Orchestra
11/26/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces Christmas & All That Jazz
10/9/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 2008 Young Lions All-Star Band Auditions
9/27/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces Pre-concert Dinners
9/25/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents
8/23/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra 2007-2008 Concert Season
8/7/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 07-08 Season of Events
7/5/2007:  Registration extended for Nebraska Jazz Camp
6/28/2007:  Kerry Strayer at Monday Night Big Band
5/18/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents Trumpet Titan
5/2/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra wins Mayor's Arts Award
4/26/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra presents
3/28/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents "Singin' & Swingin'"
3/13/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents "Singin' & Swingin'"
3/6/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Festival All-Stars featuring Kerry Strayer
2/8/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 2007 Nebraska Jazz Camp
2/5/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Festival All-Stars Featuring Kerry Strayer
2/5/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra announces 2007 Young Jazz Artist Competition
1/2/2007:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces 2007 Valentines & Jazz Dinner and Dance
12/29/2006:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents
12/29/2006:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Announces Young Lions All-Star Band
12/13/2006:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents
12/12/2006:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Presents
11/1/2006:  Christmas & All That Jazz with the Nebraska Jazz Orchestra
10/2/2006:  NJO: 2007 Young Lions All-Star Band Auditions Announcement
8/15/2006:  NJO Announces 2006-2007 Season
5/16/2006:  NJO: Pre Concert Dinner Reservations Due May 17
5/10/2006:  NJO: Caliente!
5/6/2006:  NJO: Young Jazz Artist Competition Winners Announced
3/23/2006:  NJO: Swing's The Thing
2/28/2006:  NJO / NET: Hard Times Swing
1/25/2006:  Celebrate with your Valentine at our annual Dinner
1/16/2006:  NJO: Learning from the Masters
12/30/2005:  NJF: Join in the Festivities: The 1st Annual Nebraska Jazz Festival
12/20/2005:  NJO: Learning from the Masters
11/18/2005:  NJO Holiday Concert
11/1/2005:  NJO: Announcing auditions for the Young Lions All-Star Band
10/6/2005:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Big Band Tribute
8/15/2005:  Former Nebraska Jazz Orchestra Young Jazz Artist Competition winner, Frank Basile, will be featured on the "Today Show" this Friday, August 19th.
8/10/2005:  NJO: 30th Anniversary Season Announcement
8/2/2005:  NJO: Annette Murrell at the Zoo Bar
5/12/2005:  NJO: 2005 Nebraska Jazz Camp
4/30/2005:  NJO: 2005 Young Jazz Artist Winner
4/30/2005:  NJO: Trumpet Madness
4/20/2005:  Nebraska Wesleyan University Jazz Ensemble Featuring L.J. McCormick
1/13/2005:  NJO: Valentines & Jazz Dinner & Dance
1/5/2005:  NJO: Learning from the Master
12/8/2004:  NJO: Christmas and All That Jazz
11/16/2004:  NJO: Christmas & All That Jazz
9/30/2004:  Press Release: NJO - Young Lions All-Star Band Auditions
8/23/2004:  NJO: 2004-2005 Season
3/29/2004:  NJO: 2004 Jazz Camp
2/17/2004:  NJO: Bebop & Bossa
1/28/2004:  NJO: Learning from the Masters
1/18/2004:  NJO: Valentine''s & Jazz Dinner & Dance
1/12/2004:  NJO: Learning from the Masters
11/13/2003:  NJO: Christmas and All That Jazz
9/11/2003:  NJO: Standards, Scat, and Soul
9/8/2003:  NJO: 2003-2004 Concert Season
5/28/2003:  2003 Nebraska Jazz Camp
4/16/2003:  NJO: Remembering Sinatra & Basie
3/5/2003:  NJO: Tenor Titans
1/23/2003:  Valentines & Jazz Dinner & Dance
1/6/2003:  NJO: Learning From a Young Master
12/3/2002:  NJO: Christmas and All That Jazz
8/30/2002:  NJO: A Triumphant Return
7/30/2002:  NJO: 2002-2003 Concert Series
5/1/2002:  NJO: Catch a Rising Star
2/21/2002:  NJO: Young Artist Competition Winner
2/12/2002:  NJO: Big Band Tribute
2/1/2002:  NJO Valentine's Cocktail Dance
1/15/2002:  NJO: 2002 Young Lions All-Star Big Band
1/7/2002:  NJO: Learning from the Master
12/3/2001:  John Talvin Award Winner
11/10/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Christmas and All That Jazz
9/28/2001:  NJO - Volume VII Announced
9/2/2001:  NJO: 2001-2002 Concert Season
5/26/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Nebraska Jazz Camp
4/4/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Latin Jazz
3/15/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Live Recording
2/20/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: New Horizons
1/10/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Valentine's Cocktail Dance
1/5/2001:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Learning From The Master
11/10/2000:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Christmas and All That Jazz
10/15/2000:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: Swing's The Thing
8/20/2000:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: 2000-2001 Concert Season
8/2/2000:  Nebraska Jazz Orchestra: John Talvin Award