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 Friday, November 26, 2021

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Press Releases  
Lincoln Municipal Band Press Releases
7/16/2014:  A Night of Classics: Classic Cars on Display
7/15/2014:  Box Office Favorites: Marquee Melodies
7/8/2014:  Picnic in the Park: Bring the Whole Family
6/27/2014:  America The Beautiful: featuring the Young Artist Winner
6/12/2014:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces 2014 Summer Concert Series
6/10/2014:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces 2014 Summer Concert Series
5/27/2014:  Winner of the 2014 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
4/8/2014:  Lincoln Municipal Band Performs in Lincoln Schools
8/6/2013:  Salute to Veterans: In Honor of Those who Serve
7/30/2013:  Back to School: Thanking Our Teachers
5/24/2013:  Winners of the 2013 John Shildneck - Young Artist Competition
3/25/2013:  Shildneck Young Artist Competition - There Is Still Time!!
1/15/2013:  2013 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition: Accepting Applications
7/27/2012:  Salute to Veterans: Honoring Those Who Serve
7/20/2012:  On Broadway: Music from the Stage
7/16/2012:  Young at Heart: the Greatest Generation
7/6/2012:  March Kings: Celebrating the March Tradition
6/29/2012:  Sunday Night at the Movies: Sounds of the Silver Screen
6/22/2012:  Cool Cars & Hot Music: Classic Cars on Display
6/15/2012:  Star Spangled Spectacular: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
6/1/2012:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces 2012 Summer Concert Series
5/14/2012:  Winner of the 2012 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
4/25/2012:  Give to Lincoln Municipal Band on May 17 and your gift will grow!
2/24/2012:  There is still time! Audition for the John Shildneck Young Artist Competition and perform with the Lincoln Municipal Band!
1/13/2012:  2012 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
8/26/2011:  Nebraska Arts Council receives John Shildneck Service Award
8/4/2011:  Help us populate the Lincoln Municipal Band Facebook page
7/29/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "Salute to Veterans"
7/25/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "Sunday Night at the Movies," August 7
7/15/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "March Madness," July 31
7/8/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "Cool Cars and Hot Music"
7/1/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "Young at Heart"
6/28/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band Presents "Century Celebration"
6/24/2011:  Lincoln Municpal Band Announces their first concert
6/10/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces 2011 Summer Concert Series
6/8/2011:  Lincoln Municipal Band announces Young Artist Winner
5/6/2011:  Don Gill to receive Heart of the Arts Award at Mayor's Arts Awards
9/9/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces The 2101 Recipient of the John Shildneck Service Award
8/12/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "Salute to the Armed Forces"
8/2/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Sixth Concert of the Season!!
7/16/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Fifth Concert of the Season!!
7/12/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Fourth Concert of the Season!!
7/5/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Third Concert of the Season!!
7/2/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Second Concert of the Season!!
6/29/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its Opening Concert!!
6/21/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces its 2010 Summer Pops Series
5/20/2010:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces Winner and Runner-up of the 2010 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
3/14/2010:  Deadline approaching for annual John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
6/12/2009:  Lincoln Municipal Band News and 2009 Summer Concert Line Up!
6/2/2009:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces the 2009 Summer Pops Series!
5/8/2009:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces Winner and Runner-up of the 2009 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
3/12/2009:  Lincoln Municipal Band John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
6/26/2008:  Lincoln Municipal Band is looking for volunteers for our summer concert season
6/3/2008:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces 2008 Summer Concert Series
3/6/2008:  "March into Spring" with the Lincoln Municipal Band
2/28/2008:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces Young Artist Competition Winner, Runner-Up
2/13/2008:  Lincoln Municipal Band presents "March into Spring"
12/19/2007:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces the 2008 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
8/8/2007:  Join us for Lincoln Municipal Band's 100th Anniversary Celebration Dinner!
7/30/2007:  Lincoln Municipal Band on the Watchful Citizen Show
6/21/2007:  Lincoln Municipal Band Season Publicity
6/18/2007:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announces Winner and Runner-up of the 2007 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
3/22/2007:  Lincoln Municipal Band Grant Support
10/6/2006:  LMB: Russian Impressions - Sunday, October 15
9/25/2006:  LMB: Russian Impressions at Fall Concert
5/18/2006:  Lincoln Municipal Band Announced 2006 Summer Pops Series
2/1/2006:  Lincoln Municipal Band Presents Tribute to Late Band Legend Alfred Reed
10/10/2005:  LMB: Gershwin Tribute Concert
10/4/2005:  LMB: Fall Concerts
7/14/2005:  LMC: City proposes cutting LMB funding
5/20/2005:  LMB: 2005 Summer Pops Series
5/15/2005:  LMB: Spring into Summer
5/11/2005:  LMB: Summer Concert Series
5/2/2005:  LMB: Spring Concerts
5/1/2005:  LMB: 2005 John Shildneck Young Artist Competition Winner
3/1/2005:  LMB: 12th Annual John Shildneck Young Artist Competition
10/4/2004:  LMB: LMB to present International Dances at Fall Concert
5/28/2004:  LMB: Summer Concert Series
4/2/2004:  LMB: Summer Concert Series
1/29/2004:  LMB: Young Artist Spotlight
1/12/2004:  LMB: Young Artist Competition Winners
10/1/2003:  LMB: Home Grown
2/28/2003:  LMB: 10th Annual John Shildneck Young Artist Competition Winners
2/10/2003:  LMB: Masterworks for Band
10/18/2002:  LMB: Free Indoor Concert
6/19/2002:  LMB: 9th Annual John Shildneck Young Artist Competition Winner
6/18/2002:  LMB: Celebrating 90 years of concerts in Antelope Park
3/28/2002:  LMB celebrates 90 years of concerts in the park
11/11/2001:  Lincoln Municipal Band: Free Concert
6/14/2001:  Lincoln Municipal Band: Summer Series
3/11/2001:  Lincoln Municipal Band: Salute to American Music
11/26/2000:  Lincoln Municipal Band: Salute to British Band Music